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Eligibility Criteria

To become an Aroon Fintech Direct partner, you must meet the following eligibility criteria : 

  • Age Requirement: You must be at least 21 years old.

  • Citizenship: You must be a citizen of India.

  • Motivation: Anyone who wants to earn is eligible.

  • Education: You should be at least Class 10 qualified.

4 Easy Steps to Start Earning


Fill out the Basic Form and Complete KYC

Begin by filling out a basic form and completing the KYC (Know Your Customer) process to establish your identity and eligibility.


Get the Direct Code and Download the Direct App

Upon successful verification, you'll receive a unique Direct Code. Download the Aroon Direct app and use your code to access the platform.


Browse the Products and Provide Leads

Explore the range of financial products offered by Aroon Fintech. Identify potential leads and provide them with information about these products, guiding them through the benefits and features.


Start Earning

As you refer clients and facilitate transactions through Aroon Fintech's platform, you'll start earning commissions and incentives. The more you engage and bring in business, the more you can earn from your partnership with Aroon Fintech.


Receive Your Direct Partner Kit

Once you've completed the initial steps and are officially onboarded as an Aroon Fintech Direct Partner, you'll receive your comprehensive Direct Partner Kit.

Why Partner with Us

Ready to supercharge your financial offerings and drive unparalleled success? Partner with us, your one-stop financial destination, and expand your horizons across personal and business sectors

1. Comprehensive Solutions: 

From personal loans to business financing, home loans to insurance, we've got you covered

3. Lucrative Opportunities: 

Tap into diverse revenue streams with our extensive range of financial products.

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2.  Streamlined Processes:

Seamlessly manage transactions with our cutting-edge technology and efficient systems.

4.  Supportive Partnership:

Benefit from our expertise and dedicated support to maximize your earning potential.

5. Effortless Lead Submission: 

Submit leads digitally with ease from anywhere, anytime, using our intuitive digital platform.

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