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Buy 24k 999 Pure Digital Gold online at the best prices from the comforts of your home

From refinery To Your Home

Get 24K 999 Pure Gold Delivered to your doorstep.


Start monthly SIP in 24K Pure Gold

  • Buy at best prices

  • Buy for as little as ₹500 per month

  • Get the trusted purity of BIS/NABL hallmark

  • Keep your Gold secured in safety vaults

  • Take insured physical delivery anytime

The smartest, safest and the easiest way to accumulate 24K 999 Pure Gold in small amounts every month through SIP



Start Buying Gold

You can instantly start your SIP simply by choosing the amount and SIP date

Store In Safety Vaults

Your Gold accumulated through SIP is stored in secured safety vaults

Take physical delivery

You can take insured physical delivery of your accumulated Gold anytime, anywhere in India


Buy 24K 999 Pure Gold Online

  • Buy at best prices

  • Buy for as little as ₹1

  • Get Quality Assurance of hallmarked Gold

  • Keep your Gold secured in safety vaults

  • Exchange for jewellery at your favourite jeweller

Buy 24k 999 Pure Digital Gold online at the best prices from the comforts of your home


Buy Online From ₹1 onwards

You can instantly buy Digi Gold at the best prices on Aroon Fintech through a simple one-click process

Accumulate Gold, Store In Safety Vaults

Your accumulated Digi Gold is securely stored in Sequel Vaults monitored by an independent trustee

Get Physical Delivery or Exchange For Jewellery

Get insured physical delivery or exchange your Digi Gold for Jewellery from Aroon Fintech Backed By Augmont or your favourite jeweller

Avail Instant Loan Against Gold

  • Avail lowest interest rate

  • Simple Interest with No Hidden Charges

  • Avail loan with minimum documentation

  • Get the highest rate per gram for your Gold

  • Get doorstep service

The quickest, simplest and most hassle-free way to avail loan against gold at the lowest interest rates in the market.



Apply For Gold loan

You can instantly apply for a Gold loan through our simple one-click process on Aroon Fintech.

Assess Your Gold

Augmont appraiser visits your house, assesses your Gold using the scientific assessment tools

Get Your Loan

We disburse your Gold Loan amount to your bank account and take custody of your Gold.


Buy Gold Jewellery On EMI

  • Pay only 20% upfront

  • Pay balance in easy 3-6-9 months installments

  • Lock your Gold price on booking

  • Take insured doorstep delivery

  • Gold delivered in tamperproof packaging

The most innovative, affordable, and flexible way to buy Gold Jewellery on EMI


Book Your Jewellery

Book your Gold Jewellery online or offline by paying 20% upfront on Aroon Fintech By Augmont Gold For All.

Choose Your EMI Option

Choose from 3/6/9 months EMI option.

Get Doorstep Delivery

On successful completion of your EMI payments, get 100% insured doorstep delivery of your Gold.

Sell Your Old Gold

  • Get instant cash for Gold

  • Get the highest value per gram of Gold

  • Avail 100% transparency and accuracy

  • Access modern scientific Gold weighing methods

  • Sell Hassle-free with minimal documentation

The quickest and most convenient way to sell your old Gold for instant cash at the best prices



Bring Your Old Gold

You can bring your old or broken Gold Jewellery to your nearest Augmont Gold For All Store

Test For Purity

We use modern scientific techniques like XRF machines to test the purity of your Gold with 100% accuracy

Receive Instant Cash

Once the purity is tested, you will get instant cash for your old Gold at the highest value per gram of Gold

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